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The Campaign

This campaign was started in the United States in the month August of 2013 by a 15 year old, Avery Lopez. How young to start a moving campaign, how wonderful, how fantastic, the list could go on.

You may be wondering, "what sparked her idea?" well, here at Recovery Through Poetry we thought to ask!

"The 'spark"..?

-Well, I have honestly never self-harmed, but I know of people who do, acquaintances etc...and I have always felt compassion towards the whole idea of stopping self-harm.  I have always talked to, and have done everything I could to help individuals I have encountered with this addiction.  It wasn't until around 2 AM on August 1st that I really came up with the whole idea.  That morning (technically) haha, I was looking through my personal Instagram account and I came across a really close friend posting things that was no doubt, self-harm.  Already being compassionate towards this, I immediately felt something needed to be done.  Looking down at my arm, there were words written there, notes actually, and I liked the way that it looked...then the dots kind of all connected for me.  That is when the 'Words Over Blades' slogan was introduced and what not.  Later that day, I decided to create all of the sites, etc...reaching out to friends and family to help me really "launch" the entire kind of, took off in my opinion.  I really do hope that this continues to grow, and become a movement that everybody has heard of.  I feel that stopping the use of blades, etc on your body is extremely important."

Whenever you feel the need to self-harm just write something positive on your wrist [or place where you self-injure] and take in the meaning of that word. You can even take a picture of your word and send it in to their:

instagram: @words_over_blades

twitter: @wordsoverblades


email[email protected]*



*you can use this email to send in stories, to confide to someone, and to share anything you like. WOB reads and replies nightly

The Words

Here are some of the photos people have already sent in!

Don't have a twitter or instagram? or do you want to send some in without leaving Recovery Through Poetry? Submit them to the Recovery Through Poetry Album


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