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2011 Updates

Hopeful Solutions                                                       11/7/11

A big thanks to LiveHopeLove for helping me with the forum problems. She suggested using a different browser than the one I was using because it worked for her.

So, if anyone is having troubles with the forums and using firefox, try a different browser like chrome or safari and it should work just fine! Hopefully this is just a temporary thing. I will definitely let you guys know when you can use firefox again for creating new topics.

It doesn't seem to be a problem with replying to already made topics, just when you create a new one.

Forum Troubles                                                           10/30/11

I'm really frustrated with the forums at the moment and I apologize if it's given anyone troubles. For some reason, while typing either the title of your new topic or the comment boxes, your words will randomly delete themselves. I don't know what's going on, but hopefully things will get straightened out very soon.

Unfortunately I've let my frustration get the better of me, and therefore haven't really visited the site for updates. (setting a bad example, I know) >.< BUT I'm updating now and very sorry for the inconveniences that these troubles may have caused you. I'll let you know when you can post in the forums again without any difficulties!

Forum Updates                                                              8/24/11

I update the forums and in the process a lot of posts/topics got deleted. Sorry about that guys, but now the forums are neater and easier to navigate. There are also more boards for people to post on. There is also a specific forum for site feedback, complaints, and suggestions [as well as for technical difficulties too.] Check it out!

I missed the fair deadline this year for putting a booth up for my site, I'm a little disappointed but I'll be all the more prepared for next year, I suppose. Donations are greatly appreciated so we can spread awareness and reach out and help as many people as possible. Are there any causes you would like us to donate to along with the upkeep of the site?


There is also a really cool new chat function where you can group chat with other people who are online in a much faster way. You can also choose to private chat with a specific person if you would like to keep the conversation to yourselves. I really like this a lot. :] You can find it in the bottom right corner and it'll tell you whose online! Happy chatting!

New Things Starting                                                         8/10/11

I've added some new things like the "Shout It Out" gallery. I'd like to see how many submissions we can get on here. It's a really great way to get all your feelings out of your system and unleash the bottled emotions that can cause you harm. You can make it digitally or traditionally, anything really. I think it is a really amazing way to deal with heavy feelings. I did one in 2008 and one now, in 2011, and it's wonderful to see where I am and how far I've come. I recommend doing one now and one in the future.

With a new school year starting I'm interested in hearing your feelings about what's ahead for you. Sometime this week I plan on going over each page and seeing what I can update. I'll edit this entry when I do so you guys know! :]

We also have a birthday that was in July while I was out of the country. Everyone wish a happy birthday to Rachelizabith: July 22nd


Is there anything you guys would like to see added to the site? I'm hungry for feedback, so let me know soon!

Visual Changes                                                                               5/13/11                  

As a change of pace, I have changed the look of the site. The butterfly symbolizes transition, healing, and hope. And so the butterfly is going to become the mascot of sorts for this website. Many of the products I have ordered from this wonderfully discounted website are butterfly related. Just because butterflies are involved, does not mean this website is "girly" or for girls only. Speak your mind to me in the contact section of this website, under the home tab. If I receive enough poor ratings/comments for this background, I will replace it with something else. However, I will not remove the butterfly from the brochures and other things that I have gotten. Also, let me know how you like the new format of the website.

I've created and uploaded my first couple of flyers to hang around places, anyone is welcome to print them out and hang them any place they are allowed. We've got 25 members now, so remember to be active and help create a warm, welcoming environment for everyone!!

I've added questions you can answer in your profile, if you don't want to answer any that's fine, but be sure to answer when your birthday is so we can wish you a happy birthday!

I'm probably forgetting something that I wanted to update you guys on... but I'm not sure :P [that's how forgetful I am]

Remember, you are not alone. You always have someone 


Ideas?                                                                                                    4/27/11

I've been brainstorming in my little hideaway for quite some time. I am also a bit ashamed to say I had put this site in the back of my mind -almost- for a little while. But I'm back and hopefully this site will grow and flourish into an amazing community that can help so many people. I've been coming up with ideas for posters and flyers that I can [hopefully] post in my old high school, and my currents colleges and possibly even in the local senior centers. I'll be asking around for permissions for a while and making a ton of phone calls, but it is so worth it. I've also been thinking about creating a booth for a local fair all about mental illness awareness and this website. I could create packages including an awareness brochure/pamphlet, a handout about this website, and either an awareness pin or bracelet. And the whole package could be tied with a ribbon of a color that correlates with whatever awareness the pack is about. I'm just going to need a lot of people skills with all these phone calls and such. I've got my hopes set high so they'll rise with the sun.

I'm thinking of putting up a donation page here pretty soon just for those who would like to contribute to the making of these packages to hand out in booths at fairs and festivals. I'm not very well-off in the money department at the moment, so it's going to be hard to come up with everything for purchasing the bracelets/pins, and the prints for the brochures/pamphlets/handouts, and the original cost of creating a booth in the first place. I am very dedicated to this project though, so I will manage to scrap things together even if it is just the bare minimum- as long as everything is running. Donations would greatly help get this site out there and it would help everything look much better and be in better shape. And with leftovers, I can easily donate to support campaigns!


Problem Fixed                                                                                 2/15/11

I have fixed the problem that we had with the comments on member poetry, you can now rate and comment on other's poetry! Let's get active in sending in more poetry or even art. And if art or poetry aren't your thing chat on the forums! Remember, you don't need to write poetry to be a member of this site. You can be interested in these topics, know someone who suffers from mental illness, suffer from it yourself, or even if you just like helping other people. Become a member to chat on the forums and get help for yourself and help others too.

Be active and chat with each other! Share experiences you've had or things you do to make yourself feel better. Speak up, this is a nonjudgmental environment. :] Please talk to each other a lot!

Don't be afraid to join, you can remain completely anonymous with a screen name instead of your real name. It's not necessary to have your age or where you live either. Just remember we're all here to help each other out.

The advice column has just started out so fill out the advice form to get any help or answers to your life obstacles. Don't be scared to be the first one to ask for advice! Remember, we're not here to judge we're simply here to help.

Tell your friends about the site and spread the word, we can make this a great community for people to come together and get help.

Troubleshooting                                                                          1/31/11

I'm having a few problems with getting the comment boxes to work on the newer member's poems, when I fix this problem, comments will be back up for people to comment on other people's poetry. Bear with me as I try to figure out what's wrong.

Also, we have 14 members, let's get active and chat with each other on the forums and invite friends and get other people to join.


Site Updates                                                                                      1/21/11

This site started off as a means to get my poetry out into the world and now it has blossomed into a help website [along with sharing my poetry] for people suffering from depression, self-injury, suicidal thoughts, etc or if you know someone who is suffering from anything. I believe this is a wonderful cause and I am here to help anyone who needs it. Browse through the site, become a member for free, and start chatting on the forums and leave comments in the guestbook.

I have new ideas for the site just about every day and I keep trying to update as much as I can to be as helpful as I can.

Remember, you can be completely anonymous on this website. You don't need to have your name on here, just put a screen name where your name is supposed to go. If you don't feel the need to be anonymous, that's great. I am non-biased and I will help you no matter what your name is.

After you find this site, please recommend it to people. Anybody you can think of, even to people you know from other websites. I want to spread this site around so that people have a place to come to for advice and help.

Thanks so much for visiting my site!

Welcome                                                                                             1/20/11

This site was started as a poetry website. It has now turned into a community where people can come if they are feeling depressed, suicidal, or if they want to hurt themselves.This site has forums where people can ask questions or start new discussions and get help and advice. This site will keep growing and any feedback is wonderful and greatly appreciated. Any suggestions or ideas will definitely help make this site a better place for everyone. The links will constantly be updated and I hope that people utilize them and it helps them. The members area is where people can meet each other and become friends, send private messages and help each other out, and more stuff will come as the site gets bigger.

All my poems are copyrighted material, written by me, Laura -last name omitted-. My other site for my photography wouldn't let me put poetry up so I had to create a completely separate site dedicated to my poetry.

Please don't steal my work and claim it as your own. I worked very hard and spent many hours writing these poems. It took many hours to put every poem on this website as there are hundreds of them and more will be added because I continue to write them.