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Member's Poetry

This is where the poetry members anonymously (or with their name proudly on it) submitted will go. Comment here to give me feedback about whether or not you like this idea. A form for submitting poetry will be under the poems tab.

Uh by Abby

The mattress mocks my moans with groans,

coils cutting through, springing into the arch of my back,

betraying me.

The pain precludes any pleasure so I lay still and silent.

He looks not at me but into me and I look not at him but as him,

the reflection of my face in the blackholes of his vision.

We are in the eye of the storm.

Our silence is loud in the midst of our stillness

and I can feel myself weeping inwardly,

waning and fading into nothing solid or human.

So I exhale myself into exile, and deny him the delight of seeing me sob.

“Love,“ I murmur adversely, “I feel no more.”

On the length of his tongue he shields and shelters his thoughts,

so then he sews his lips shut and all I have left to fall on is

a blank stare and a shrug.

Two memories overlapping and caving in and into one another.

Him and then him and in this bed and on this night but with only one do I suffer.

So tonight, the storm drawing nearer I say,

“I feel so much and live so little. Please speak and do so clearly.”


Amiable American nights that I’ve grown so accustomed to

lights strung, big band swing,

and I dim and fade into a hologram of myself.

Soulless shoes help me feel the bricks beneath my evaporating figure,

but perhaps the brick road will turn yellow and my shoes,

ruby red and emancipated.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m fine!” -an exclamation executed immediately as to convince and make you feel fine.


Trepidation treads on the path that should lead him to love, while impulse creates an inclination too steep for me to climb. Such a cliché, walks of life, but I know our two paths cross and merge if only we would abandon our baggage.


Soothing by MyFearsRealized

What is it that drives me insane?
maybe the conflicts in my head?
who could forget the searing pain?
Or the desire to end up dead?

Fear the pain as it were your terror,
Hate it as if it were your foe.
Pity it for we are its bearer,
Love it so together we can all grow.

We experience it in our own way,
and see the pain brought to others.
Some touch the pain alone today,
but we are sisters and brothers.

Don't give up or give in,
let not the pain ruin your stay.
In the end we are destined to win,
and look upon the next day.


Standards by Anonymous

I looked at the world today, and it seems it's getting better.
Even though, there were some bad things (I read in a rhyming letter)

There's rights to be had, everywhere,
but with that comes recourse, because it's all so clear

People who caused us, to be in this mess.
Must pay their own price, I don't say this in jest.

They need to feel, what has been felt for so long,
by this "One Human People" we sing in our songs.

Because everything yet has not disappeared,
there's plenty of bias, it's what the People have feared

You can't judge a book, as is shown by its cover,
but you can't change an ideal, as taught by a father.

You say there's these standards, you're unable to stand,
but why can't I miss you... because I'm a man?


Be Inspired by Anonymous

Be inspired by the moon.
Be inspired by the sun.
Be inspired by the stars
and the planets all aligned.

Be inspired by the days.
Be inspired by the nights
that you go out and give the world a go,
dressed up to the nines.


Gone by Anonymous

**Actually meant to be a song**

Too much gone
Heart of stone
Screaming out
"Just leave me alone"

The tears just won't stop
Grab the knife
And breathe out before you go

Hides herself behind that smile
Damn smile
Don't leave for a while
This is just getting worse

Don't you want to watch the show?
See the blood pour
Leaving before her time to go
This is just getting worse

The tears won't stop
Grab the knife
And breathe out before you go

Thoughts of suicide
Just another night
In her damn life

Too much lost
Just another night in her life
This life is coming at a cost

The tears won't stop
Grab the knife
And breathe before you go


My life for yours,  _Not your life for mine_ by AJ

Leave me today,
And my life I shall give away.
So that you may know, 
once more another day.
But if it be i that leaves,
I beg you please do not grieve.
Your life shall be better without me.


Another Night by Colby

*This is actually a song*

Too much gone
Heart of stone
Screaming out
"Just leave me alone"

The tears just won't stop
Grab the knife
And breathe out before you go

Hides herself behind that smile
Damn smile
Don't leave for a while
This is just getting worse

Don't you want to watch the show?
See the blood pour
Leaving before her time to go
This is just getting worse

The tears won't stop
Grab the knife
And breathe out before you go

Thoughts of suicide
Just another night
In her damn life

Too much lost
Just another night in her life
This life is coming at a cost

The tears won't stop
Grab the knife
And breathe before you go


Trustworthy? by AJ

First you tell me I can trust you.
Then when I do you yell at me for making stupid decisions.
One day you say you'll you'll help but you never actually do.
Maybe it's time to make some life revisions?
This time I'm screwing up without you.


_Don't Leave_ by AJ

I'm crying Now, can't you see?
Please do not leave me I plea.
Your wonderful, amazing everything that I, would only like to be.
You leaving, Now that I cannot allow.
You mean the world to me.
Your the one that's allowed me to be myself and myself, you have set free.
So I ask you now, one favor you see.
Please don't ever leave me.


I was always late, cruel, and proud by anonymous

Emitting cruel words from a cruel mouth [I'm sorry]
I punished myself over a porcelain bowl

Longest friend I ever had
Yeah, I guess I blew that one[I'm sorry]

Don't worry, I haven't been well
You weren't the only friend I gave up on[I'm sorry]
gave up on me

I just need distance. Lots of it. [I'm sorry]
I needed to leave you, I needed to leave myself
I was an alien to begin with

I never said thank you
But I'm grateful
I was so close minded
Well I guess this isn't a poem [I'm sorry]
It doesn't have perfectly calculated words you're so good at summoning.

maybe it's a letter
a letter to you
a letter to laura
i'm sorry
but it's too late now because I'm not me

I could have gone about it better but when have you known me to make the right decisions? I guess our friendship will always live in our memories. These days, I seem to forget them. Dance recital coming up soon? Second year I wont be there. Shame.

I wish I were better at recovering, better at poetry, better at apologizing.


Waiting by Jackie

Its a wonder how it happened

It all happened so fast

Its like one day I woke up
And I could barely make it through the day
I went to the doctors
Then a therapist
But I never went back
She told me I had depression
Countless hours of misery, crying
Headaches began to be an everyday thing
The worst part is waiting
Waiting for someone to notice,
So maybe I will receive help.
Waiting for this mountain ahead of me to move.
So I can enjoy things like I used to.
But I sit here, still waiting.
I look into peoples eyes,
Wondering if they will ever see
That maybe, just maybe, they could talk to me.
To ashamed to speak of it
Feeling weakned, defeated
Mother knows, but trys to ignore the problem
Father never home enough or calm enough to care.
Maybe I will have to get through this my self
Maybe someone will notice.
Waiting has never been easy, especially now.
The clock is running up.
As I wait.




Sister by Siobhan

I'm worried about my sister.

She used to have friends over almost everyday
But she is always alone.

We used to play together
But she never comes out of her room.

I told Mummy about my fears
She says that she's going through a stage.

She's wrong.

When she isn't yelling or screaming, she's crying.
Sometimes she's completely silent, a blank face.

I can see marks on her wrist.

There was something wrong with my sister.
But nobody noticed.
Nobody realised.

Until it was too late.



Poem by anonymous

My hair is black like ebony

My skin so white like snow

My lips are red as blood
“It’s my face that you don’t know”

A poison apple would be nice

Laced with sleepiness

For in my bed I want to stay

Until my true love’s first kiss
But up I rise in the morning

And every day I look

At the face that says “you don’t know me”

For that face is my own.


Shattered Glass Poet by Theodore

I was a shattered glass poet of a human being 

(shards of refraction laying vacant 
on concrete lent rhythm by the precipitation 
that poured through my bones 

so I would know there was more to me 
than the chimera lying behind my eyelids 
with its serpent tail dangling behind my 
pursed lips) 

there were a million little hearts 
hiding in my ribcage 
all filled with nitroglycide and gunpowder 
with a fuse devoured by anxiety/impatience 
so I called my ribs a bombshell 
and blew it all 
to hell 

picked up the pieces of my imperfection 
and put it all back together 

(fingertip bullet casings 
slipping back into place 
they were light as the feathers 
I used to put in my pockets 
when I’d find them lying by the side 
of the road) 

I inspected my blueprints and 
put every part of me in a briefcase 
threw it over a bridge and raced 
my body to the bottom 

when I hit the river 
I thought I’d drown in 
the litres of liquor I’d poured 
through my liver 
but I awoke on a rock 

(wearing only my socks 
which I thought was ironic 
since I’d always preferred 
barefeet but then I’m made up 
of what I proudly display 
and what I hide 
to the grave) 

and I walked along the shore 
so thick with the ammunition I’d 
filled my heart with, the pulse 
beat bullets and bombs I’d 
tilled the fields of my body with, 
hoping to grow a tree of magnificent 
flame I could burn with a passion that 
would feel no shame and I watched 

as the coastal wind blew all my bluffs 
boasts and barefaced truths careening 
inland as I stood quietly 

in the sand watching men build castles 
they cannot see as their pallisades are 
breached by the tide 

[I don’t know if I’ve ever dreamt I could fly, 
but I’ve dreamt of swimming with orcas] 
and as the breeze tried to ease away 
my past and the waves tried to wash me 
into a future I could not have predicted 

I decided to sit on the rock, 
my bed my lifeline and I tried to define 
a reason for all of this 
as the people I love slowly descended 
into the mist of endless history 
[eaten alive and left nameless and 
faceless their marks on their places 
of life worship love forgiveness forgotten 
in meagre generations] 

but I lost my patience like 
so many times before 
and I wrote you a story, 
of heroes and villains 
troubadors and banquets 
where everything was black 
and white and 
all we needed to do was draw 
our swords and raise our fists 
and fight 

(but life isn’t that easy, 
I lost the manuscript tossed 
from my hands 
of flesh 
and blood 
and memory 
and into the arms of the sea) 

on this shore where I washed up 
there is now a storm so strong I can hardly see 
the clouds are bleeding rain drops and 
in each droplet there’s the face of 
another of the somebodies I used to know, 
and in the crash of endless tidal trembles 
I see the faces of all the people I have yet to meet 

and their collusion deafens me 
with oppressing beatings but it all seems fleeting 
as I press my palms to my ears and hear again 
a million little hearts thumping in unison 

jetisonning the impact of the temporal 
storm from my nervous system I start to sow 
each heart to every one next to it 

I cross my legs on this rock soaked 
in the dregs of past and future 
and I pour the gunpowder and nitroglycide 
out of my ribcage (straight into my feet 
where their explosive energy is needed most) 

and I bleed my brain dry of the death 
rattles of misplaced beliefs and fill my mind 
with the relief of being right here right now, 
not drowned or blown to hell just yet 

I’m a patchwork poet of a personal journal quilt 
trying to climb the highest tree to see all the castles 
in the sand that the other men have built.

Hunt by Colleen B.

May I interpose on your life’s responsibilities
Abdicate you from your world
Conjure a potion to seduce your axioms

…have a cigarette…

We may be amalgamated for a while
There has been some talk
Around the town
That you’ve been…
Boisterously Bound

Don’t be so quick
To think your prodigious efforts will trick
My grip that don’t slip
On your subordinate trip

Through the underworld
We go
Up and sideways
Faster, and faster, Accelerate
Exacerbate, no time for alleviation
Of the drums,
To render what bleeds in the heart
Of your ancestors
Your abject cries won’t suffice
I am your predator
Unlike a herbivore
I will eat away at your flesh
Leave you half-dead
Will do the rest

I am your hunter
You are my hunt
Bullets in my gun

I am like oil
If you try
To put out this fire
No rest for the wicked
Therefore no peace in your head
Until you are dead