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50 Helpful Distractions

*note: I will be adding more distractions as the site grows.

1. Go to the gym, work out your frustrations.

2. Watch one of your favorite movies, but nothing sad or triggering.

3. There are many websites that you can go to under the links section to distract yourself.

4. Scream into a pillow to let out all your built up feelings

5. Take a walk

6. For girls, get dressed up and do your makeup really nice; when you do this it can actually make you feel better.

7. Soak in the bathtub

8. Listen to relaxing music, or your favorite music

9. Lay in the sun

10. Read magazines or books

11. Hang out with friends

12. Plan your future

13. Save money

14. Dance

15. Fix or clean things around the house

16. Have a nice quiet evening

17. Cook your favorite food

18. Take care of your pets, play with them

19. If you don't have pets, go to the pet store and look at them and maybe even play with one

20. Go swimming

21. Write

22. Draw or doodle

23. Play sports

24. Go to the beach if the weather is nice enough

25. Go rollerblading

26. Travel

27. Make a gift or a card for someone

28. Go out to dinner

29. Get your hair styled or cut

30. Go for a drive

31. Watch TV

32. Eat foods that you love

33. Journal/ write in a diary

34. Go on a picnic

35. Meditate

36. Play cards

37. Do word puzzles or sudoku or something like those

38. Play video games

39. Talk on the phone

40. Get a massage

41. Say "I Love You"

42. Think about your good qualities

43. Go bowling

44. Think about your life getting better

45. Take photographs

46. Paint

47. Collage

48. Do nice things for other people

49. Scrap book

50. Light scented candles and relax yourself

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