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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectial behavior therapy (DBT) is a therapy aimed at helping those regulate their emotions, coping effectively, personal interactions, and distress tolerance. It was originally created to help people with borderline personality disorder, but it is very helpful with people struggling with self-injury, mood disorders, and suicidal thoughts.

 The Main Topics

1. Mindfulness

2. Distress Tolerance

3. Emotion Regulation

4. Interpersonal Effectiveness

5. Walking The Middle Path

There is a separate page for each of these topics to explain in depth what they are and all the different aspects and parts of them.

Weekly Sentences

Pick a sentence that you want to focus on for one week, and the following week pick a new one, etc. Working on these will help you focus on getting better.

1. I am doing the best I can

2. I want to improve

3. I need to do better, try harder, and be more motivated to change

4. I may not have caused all of my problems, but I have to try to solve them anyway

5. The way my life is now is painful at times

6. I must learn new behaviors

7. There is no absolute truth. We can all be a little bit right.

8. I should not assume the worst

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