Beauty Didn't Last

Posted by Laura on January 16, 2015 at 1:55 AM

You said you loved the way words flowed from my mind

Like a waterfall through my veins, down to my hand, and onto paper.

You liked the way they looked, splashed across the page

And you liked the sounds they formed when they escaped my chapped lips

And when you read the words I could not speak, you told me I was beautiful.

I invested my emotions with you and you caressed my damaged soul

Even though we knew I’d never be whole, we stitched up a friendship that held me together

It was like makeshift glue whenever I was with you

We completed a circuit around each other and ignited our hearts and minds

But that brilliance couldn’t last and it eventually burned out.

You were fading into the distance, drifting further away

But you had the thread to my stitched up soul, my stitched up heart

You unraveled me and I couldn’t catch the pieces of me fast enough

I try to write the pain out of me, purge you from my mixed-up mind

And you won’t read my words.

Am I not beautiful anymore?

Categories: Loss Of Friendship

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