Remember Me?

Posted by Laura on June 4, 2014 at 2:15 AM

i miss the swingset and how you would tease me for sitting the opposite way, facing the trees rather than the rest of the playground

i miss being able to call you when salty water escaped from my tearducts traveling down my face, making dark, damp indents on my shirt

i miss the way i could tell you anything and never fear judgement and that you could do the same

do you miss accidentally staying out until 4 am and how we never realized that much time had gone by because we could talk and laugh forever

i know “for like ever” implied that it wouldn’t last

but i only realize this now, because you’re not here

you’re not here to share the happy, euphoric moments

you’re not here to empathize when i’m spiraling down, down, down

you’re not here to remind me, everything is gonna be alright; it’s not the end

as cliche as it is, there’s a hole in my heart

and as much as i want a best friend again…

no one can replace you


Categories: Loss Of Friendship

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