Posted by Laura on June 4, 2014 at 2:15 AM

History repeats itself

And as much as I wanted to forgive and forget, I could only do one.

So I foolishly forgave you and somehow began the string of apologies,

Hoping you would forgive me too.

What for? Well I must have done something wrong, right?

I always do. And I believed you did me a favor by “letting me” back into your life

When really, I was doing that favor for you.

Time and time again I came to you with struggles and troubles

Looking for guidance and only finding judgments.

I paid the price with others’ money and kindness

To save what I thought was a good friend

You may be a good friend, just not a good friend for me.

Whatever compassion, caring, or kindness you have inside,

You let none of it out for me other than on a superficial level.

And now, because a person’s true nature hardly changes,

You have ruined the generosity and trust for anyone else

Who may tread in self-destructive waters and who may actually be grateful

For the help they have received

Categories: Loss Of Friendship

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