Living Proof

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You are living proof

Proof that there is hope

Hope for the ones with pain they can’t control

Controlled by their thoughts, negative and bad

Bad enough to break them down, and make them very sad

Sad to a point where they just want to die

Death is a way to escape from this life

Living is a way to hope for a better day

Days can improve with time, but death will end that chance

That chance for a better future

A future filled with hope

Hopeful and bright-eyed, I see your healed scars

Scars that show how strong you are

You are an inspiration

Inspiring the broken and the bruised

The bruises may be strong

But not as strong as you


Do I Need This?

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Tainted little beads of water, salty and cold,





-And make indents on my pillow case

Is this the point you intended to make?

The point on the knife, pointed at my skin?





Faster than the sorrow drip-dropping from my tear ducts

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s four in the morning

And I’m mourning for the loss of self-control.

As the pain finally evacuates my eyes entirely

I see something…

Something enticing, exciting, sharp, shining, and still inmy hand

Should I give in again? Let new crimson tears fall down



I mull over my choices,

Handpicked, only a select few made it through

Which will it be? A death sentence or setting me free?






As I come to my decision.

I am stronger than the urge, the impulse, and the need

I am better than the blood that could be dripping from mybody

So I take the final steps, I throw that blade away



And I make

To live the healthy way


The Hospital Visit

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I took a blade and dug it deep

I told you a secret you could not keep

You told your mom, you told your dad

That was the last night of freedom I ever had

They took my blade, they took my knife

They took control of my entire life

And pretty soon they sent me away

To a “better place” where I could stay

Isolated from all my friends

I longed and yearned for my life to end

I couldn’t see their final goal

To try and save me, make me whole

I cried and stayed up night after night

Spit out my pills and started fights

It seemed as though I’d stay there forever

I couldn’t be with my family, unhappy together

That way at least I wouldn’t be sad alone

‘Cause it seemed like that’s all we’ve ever known

But in reality my parents were okay

It was really only me who felt that way

Somehow my attitude turned around

I started to know I didn’t need to feel down

I didn’t need to drag a blade across my skin

My negative thoughts couldn’t make me give in

I was getting better and the doctors could tell

So eventually I got to leave that hell

Now I’m working on bettering my life

No longer a slave to that wretched knife

I threw away that rusty old thing

Who knew what happiness a hospital visit could bring


Will You Stay by My Side?

Posted by Laura on December 19, 2012 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Your mouth agape, you see my scars

And I begin to wonder how scared you are

Do you know the pain I’ve been through?

Or are you another person to judge me too?

Will you go and tell all your friends

How I want my life to end?

Or will you keep it to yourself?

Will you try to get me help?

In this split second as you stare

I hope that you will still be here

I pray that you stay by my side

Through my thoughts of suicide

I want to get well, I promise that

But the proper coping techniques are what I lack

So teach me now and teach me well

So I don’t have to live through hell

I’ll try to put down the knife

And start to live a beautiful life.


50 Miles Between Us

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 I like the way red flannel looks against your skin,

The way your smile brings out mine

And the way you accept me with my sin.

In my self-destructive battle, you've been there standing strong

You know, I can really count on you

And I've done it all along.

It may not have seemed that way at times, but our friendship is so true

That even with the arguments,

We will always make it through.

My scars depict a battle, and you always show you care

How did I survive before we met?

And before you were always here?

My Someone

Posted by Laura on September 9, 2012 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (2)

These scars on my wrist are a timeline

Of the pain I went through in the past

They’re white and almost healed now

To show that my pain will not last

Scars are a thing of beauty,

They show that the suffering’s done

When they’re healed I’ll have a story

A story that might save someone.

I value your life so dearly

I cling to the breaths that you take

I pray you don’t leave me alone here

If not for yourself then for my sake.

The unhappiness may consume you

But it doesn’t last forever

You’ll make it through this I swear

I’ll stand by you, we’ll do this together

The end may seem near

But your story has only just begun

I promise I will be here,

You are my someone.


Life Lessons

Posted by Laura on August 26, 2012 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Find something unique about yourself

Make it your own

And be proud of it

Never let anyone take it away from you

Let it grow and never stop

Allow yourself to love yourself

And the unique thing as well

We’re all living stories

Don’t let some antagonist get you down

Give yourself time to just breathe

Life is not and will never be smooth

Ride the waves that come with living

If you fall, get back up

If we never fell down, how would we know standing up was so great?

If you need to take some steps back, do it

There wouldn’t be such things as steps forward if there were no steps back

Know yourself before getting to know someone else

Be a little selfish; you are important too

Don’t forget to smile, happiness looks great on you

Life is about making mistakes and learning from them

Make many mistakes

But don’t let them make you

You can’t control where life takes you

So let your story start to unfold


Ballroom Hearts

Posted by Laura on July 29, 2012 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Your scherzando heart dances in front of my own

And, just as quickly as it came, It's left and found another partner to walts with.

Soon the longing takes my hands

And leads me to the stage where

We will dance on final tumultuous tango.

Before the music begins, the rythm of the rumba flows through my head

Allowing me to dance to my own tune.

Your heart may have controlled me with its cha-cha

But i can merengue my way past the illusion

And onto the right path.

You Are

Posted by Laura on April 30, 2012 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (1)

I’ve never felt like                               someone

Could make me feel like I’m               worth

The world. I haven’t been                   living

Even though I’m alive. I need you      for

My life to be beautiful


The Waves

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the deep dark water swallows you up with the waves so tall

they may be white cap waves right now,

but in time they will mellow out and you'll float in to shore

and land in the soft warm sand

where you can stare into the clear blue sky

and remember how it feels to be alive