About Laura's Poems

Posted by Laura on January 18, 2011 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

I've worked very hard on these poems and it will take me many hours to publish every single one of them onto this site. I appreciate any comments and feedback so I can improve on my skills or just enjoy what you say. If you do decide to comment, what I do not appreciate is spamming or negative comments that are not constructive criticism.

Please do not steal my work and claim it as your own. Again, I have worked very hard and put a lot of time into my poetry.

My poetry is an outlet for my extreme emotions, this means some may contain language and a lot of them contain graphic content.

I've been writing poetry since 8th grade and not all of them are very good. It has been years since then, so hopefully I have improved greatly. The poems are all mixed up so some not-so-good ones will be mixed with the better ones. [sorry!]

You can private message me, or email me, or have me email you if you have any serious questions.

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