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Really existence just needs an


Like will we live on after death

If there is an afterlife?

God is the savior, as long as you believe

Is there a God, some people ask

Or is there just empty



A Crown of Sonnets Dedicated to Heart

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Heart has more power over head,

                For you feel the bliss in heart more oft than mind

                Broken hearts hardly ever tread

                In waters where masters were left to bind

Their hearts to prevent movement of any kind.

                The pain of love is far too great, I said.

                There is no use of it that I can find.

                Without it I may still feel some dread

For without God’s love I will be alone

                But without love from man I do not care.

                I can survive this world on my own.

                And yet I still love a man, I fear.

Would pain be stronger still, had it never churned?

Or am I stuck in lessons never learned?


Or am I stuck in lessons never learned,

                With words that never even hit the page.

                A poet without a pen or book to turn

                Is like a heart trapped inside a lonely cage.

The emotions only felt are fear and rage.

                For I am riding on wings that slowly burn

                But flames hold not a candle to the sage

                Who’s wisdom I long for and yearn

A taste of profound knowledge is what I need

                To help me in my quest and to guide

                But with my learnings I must not greed

                And my thoughts if I were heartless, I confide

My chest would neither move nor break apart

But life is only breath without a heart.


But life is only breath without a heart

                I’m sure this is something you may know

                Without lust and love there is no start

                So donot be afraid to let it show

Keep the lust but let the loving grow

                A blank page may not be art

                However if you let your imagination go

                With your creation you’ll ne’er want to part

The white dove is tainted by the blood inside

                Just as we are wholly tainted with sin

                From ashes and bone we were derived

                And most do not let evil Satan win.

But if you’ve answered demon’s call,

God’s heart is big enough to take the fall.


God’s heart is big enough to take the fall

                As we run away from Him in shame

                After falling for Satan’s lull

                Our hearts will no longer want to play the game

Of who did what, and who can take the blame.

                Have you listened to a word I’ve said at all?

                Or will you walk away from this the same?

                I pull on your heartstrings and your name I call

But do you hear the words that I speak?

                Or are you stuck in your own head tonight?

                It’s not my answers to your questions that you seek…

                It’s the feeling you get when your heart knows it’s right.

It may not be closely linked to your brain

But if you ignore your heart there is no gain.


But if you ignore your heart there is no gain

                These words I scream are ever true too.

                There is no such pleasure without pain,

                You ask me, but the answer lies in you.

Look to your heart and there shall be nothing left to do.

                The blood it pumps will not be in vain

                 Unless you are the one who isn’t true.

                 The one who follows head is easily slain

While the one who has a heart will not quickly die

                Pacing along the path across the abyss

                Watch where your alliance does lie

                You’ll most certainly feel death’s cold kiss

But one thing to know before you’re dead;

Heart has more power over head.




50 Miles Between Us

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 I like the way red flannel looks against your skin,

The way your smile brings out mine

And the way you accept me with my sin.

In my self-destructive battle, you've been there standing strong

You know, I can really count on you

And I've done it all along.

It may not have seemed that way at times, but our friendship is so true

That even with the arguments,

We will always make it through.

My scars depict a battle, and you always show you care

How did I survive before we met?

And before you were always here?

Your Song

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I can barely breathe

Every single time I think they’llerase your song

It’s got a hold of me and I reallydon’t believe

It’ll take too long, so don’t getme wrong


‘Cause I can’t pretend I’m okaywith this.

And why won’t it end, all the painof this

You’re my best friend who I’llalways miss

So we have to stay strong and keepholding on


You’ve got my heart it’s in yoursong

As long we’re apart listen to yoursong

I’ll always remember you, remember Ilove you too

The proof is in your song


I’ll can hardly dream every singletime I sleep

Or I see your face

The memory’s too strong and I wantto hold on

To my sanity, please be strong forme


And I will send the stars my wish

And I can’t stand another day likethis

You’re my best friend who I’llalways miss

So we have to dream and keepbelieving


You’ve got my heart it’s in yoursong

As long we’re apart listen to yoursong

I’ll always remember you, remember Ilove you too

The proof is in your song


Your song keeps the moon at bay

Your song helps me stand the pain

Your song will never fade away


You’ve got my heart it’s in yoursong

As long we’re apart listen to yoursong

I’ll always remember you, remember Ilove you too

The proof is in your song


I can barely breathe every singletime I think

They’ll erase your song

They can’t erase your song

I won’t let them


Ballroom Hearts

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Your scherzando heart dances in front of my own

And, just as quickly as it came, It's left and found another partner to walts with.

Soon the longing takes my hands

And leads me to the stage where

We will dance on final tumultuous tango.

Before the music begins, the rythm of the rumba flows through my head

Allowing me to dance to my own tune.

Your heart may have controlled me with its cha-cha

But i can merengue my way past the illusion

And onto the right path.

My Bffle

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The sparkles in uour eyes make me smile

You light up my day when the darkness consumes my soul

I may be cold and broken

But your warmth when you hug me is almost enough to fix me

I find serenity in your laugh and peacefulness in your arms

You know the words to say when I'm feeling down

Catch me as I fall

Pick up all my pieces

And make me whole


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Continuous sense of

Unity. Just

Like how we believe

The same things and we

Understand each other so well.

Remember our values? I do.

Every single one of them is important to the way we eat, breathe, and exist.

The Johari Window

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We both know that today is beautiful

And we both know that this window won't open any further

So let's relax and enjoy the slight breeze

That blows upon our faces as we stare

At the blue sky and love our wonderful lives.


But smirk on your face

Leads me to believe there's something I don't know

I've got a blind spot

And no matter which way I turn

I can't seem to evade it…

This window is like a two-way mirror…

You can see me, but I can't see you.

Why won't you let me know what it is that I'm missing?


I guess that I've got a secret too…

I keep it so close to my lips

That you will only know by the breath I unevenly take

When you try to predict what I'm thinking

The weather seems to be changing in my direction

You're now left to wonder what it is you're missing


So now it's foggy outside

And in my head too

You're not aware, and I certainly don't know

What's going on right now

But if we defrost the window,

Maybe we can start all over again tomorrow.


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I cling to the emotions

Of those around me

I am sour and saccharine, dull and colorful, wasteful and wise.

I am whatever I need to be in order to simply breathe

Or, not so simply, live…

For every action, there is a reaction

For every feeling, there is me.

I am in the words you speak,

The tears you cry

And in your wide smile

I am complex and simple

And my name is empathy.


Do You Think It's Funny?

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Do you think it's funny?

When a mom comes home

To a daughter in the tub

Blood filled to the brim…

Do you think it's funny?

When a brother comes home

To a strange rope leading out the window,

To his sisters dead body…

Do you think it's funny?

When a husband comes home

To a trail of empty pill bottles

With the lifeless corpse of his wife at the end…


Would you hand her the blade?

Would you tie her the noose?

Would you make it real tight?

So it couldn't come loose.

Would you give her the pills?

That will end her life,

Would you stand there and laugh

As she slowly dies?


Do you think it's funny?

When she stays up at night

Because she wants to die…

When she spends all her days

In her room where she cries…

When she slices her wrists

With her shiny, sharp blade…

When she makes all these lists

To make sure she can't be saved…


I think it's sad

That you really can't see

How hard the pain and the suffering

Of others can be.