Beauty Didn't Last

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You said you loved the way words flowed from my mind

Like a waterfall through my veins, down to my hand, and onto paper.

You liked the way they looked, splashed across the page

And you liked the sounds they formed when they escaped my chapped lips

And when you read the words I could not speak, you told me I was beautiful.

I invested my emotions with you and you caressed my damaged soul

Even though we knew I’d never be whole, we stitched up a friendship that held me together

It was like makeshift glue whenever I was with you

We completed a circuit around each other and ignited our hearts and minds

But that brilliance couldn’t last and it eventually burned out.

You were fading into the distance, drifting further away

But you had the thread to my stitched up soul, my stitched up heart

You unraveled me and I couldn’t catch the pieces of me fast enough

I try to write the pain out of me, purge you from my mixed-up mind

And you won’t read my words.

Am I not beautiful anymore?

The Lost Card

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i had this card.

it’s a friendship card and it was really beautifully detailed and the words described so perfectly what we had.

i was gonna give it to you on your birthday last year.

i bought it before you distanced yourself. before we fell apart.

i never got to give it to you and i thought about giving it to someone else.

i looked for it and i couldn’t find it anywhere.

that made me think, maybe after you love me again i’ll find it and i’ll be able to give it to you. you’ll be able to know how much you mean to me.

that maybe not being able to give it to someone else is a sign.

but then again, i think i’m just looking into things too much.

what a joke, to think you would ever love me.

Remember Me?

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i miss the swingset and how you would tease me for sitting the opposite way, facing the trees rather than the rest of the playground

i miss being able to call you when salty water escaped from my tearducts traveling down my face, making dark, damp indents on my shirt

i miss the way i could tell you anything and never fear judgement and that you could do the same

do you miss accidentally staying out until 4 am and how we never realized that much time had gone by because we could talk and laugh forever

i know “for like ever” implied that it wouldn’t last

but i only realize this now, because you’re not here

you’re not here to share the happy, euphoric moments

you’re not here to empathize when i’m spiraling down, down, down

you’re not here to remind me, everything is gonna be alright; it’s not the end

as cliche as it is, there’s a hole in my heart

and as much as i want a best friend again…

no one can replace you



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History repeats itself

And as much as I wanted to forgive and forget, I could only do one.

So I foolishly forgave you and somehow began the string of apologies,

Hoping you would forgive me too.

What for? Well I must have done something wrong, right?

I always do. And I believed you did me a favor by “letting me” back into your life

When really, I was doing that favor for you.

Time and time again I came to you with struggles and troubles

Looking for guidance and only finding judgments.

I paid the price with others’ money and kindness

To save what I thought was a good friend

You may be a good friend, just not a good friend for me.

Whatever compassion, caring, or kindness you have inside,

You let none of it out for me other than on a superficial level.

And now, because a person’s true nature hardly changes,

You have ruined the generosity and trust for anyone else

Who may tread in self-destructive waters and who may actually be grateful

For the help they have received

Copy & Fake

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Copy and paste

Copy and paste

You’re the same face in a different situation

Outline and trace

Outline and trace

This is the same superficial conversation

You Were Here and Now You're Gone

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i saw you in the night

and tried to hold you in my arms

but you slipped straight through

and only left me scars

i haven’t heard of you since then

now i only feel pain

you were once my friend

but things are not the same


You Actually Are Forgiven

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Rip out my heart... like                  It's

     absolutely worthless

And then come back

     into my life like everything is     All


You don't know anything               About

     me anymore...

You may not being giving dirty looks...

     but you sure are                     Receiving


What happens when you find out

     that i'm not giving                   Forgiveness


I ran out of that a while ago.

I Don't Miss You

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Do you ever miss me?

Do you even care?

Do you think it's strange

That I'm not there?

Even though you left

And you're the one to blame

Do you regret the fact

That things are not the same?

Are you aware of the impact that it had on me

When you just packed your bags to leave?

Do you know you left me

With words I now believe?

You told me I was stupid

Attention seeking too

You don't even know what it's like

To feel the way I do

If I wanted attention

Wouldn't I not try to hide

All the scars and feelings

That I hold inside?

But I guess it doesn't matter

Because I can't do much

Convincing you I'm right

Will just be too tough

Can You Tell Me?

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Can you tell me what I’ve done?

Can you tell me why she’s gone?

Can you tell me what went wrong?


Can you tell me?

Can you tell me?


This is not what I had planned

Why doesn’t she give a damn?

Can you tell me who I am?


Can you tell me?

Can you tell me?


Can you tell me if I’m right?

Can you tell me what’s in sight?

Can you tell me if there’s anything left inside?


Can you tell me?

Can you tell me?


She left me all alone

But I guess I left her too

Can you tell me where she’s going?


Can you tell me?

Can you tell me?


You're In Arkansas

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It still stings when you stir up these stagnant emotions

When you push and you pull on the heartstrings deep, deep inside of me

And you think that your crushing words have no impact on me

Well, you're wrong.

They dig their insidious little claws into my skin

And tear straight into my heart

So nothing but a bloody tangled mess is left

For childish boy to try and fix

But is too ignorant to know what is wrong

In the first place


Oh, you've done a number on this one