9 Word Story

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You leave me in stitches, but not from laughter

Do I Need This?

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Tainted little beads of water, salty and cold,





-And make indents on my pillow case

Is this the point you intended to make?

The point on the knife, pointed at my skin?





Faster than the sorrow drip-dropping from my tear ducts

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s four in the morning

And I’m mourning for the loss of self-control.

As the pain finally evacuates my eyes entirely

I see something…

Something enticing, exciting, sharp, shining, and still inmy hand

Should I give in again? Let new crimson tears fall down



I mull over my choices,

Handpicked, only a select few made it through

Which will it be? A death sentence or setting me free?






As I come to my decision.

I am stronger than the urge, the impulse, and the need

I am better than the blood that could be dripping from mybody

So I take the final steps, I throw that blade away



And I make

To live the healthy way


The Hospital Visit

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I took a blade and dug it deep

I told you a secret you could not keep

You told your mom, you told your dad

That was the last night of freedom I ever had

They took my blade, they took my knife

They took control of my entire life

And pretty soon they sent me away

To a “better place” where I could stay

Isolated from all my friends

I longed and yearned for my life to end

I couldn’t see their final goal

To try and save me, make me whole

I cried and stayed up night after night

Spit out my pills and started fights

It seemed as though I’d stay there forever

I couldn’t be with my family, unhappy together

That way at least I wouldn’t be sad alone

‘Cause it seemed like that’s all we’ve ever known

But in reality my parents were okay

It was really only me who felt that way

Somehow my attitude turned around

I started to know I didn’t need to feel down

I didn’t need to drag a blade across my skin

My negative thoughts couldn’t make me give in

I was getting better and the doctors could tell

So eventually I got to leave that hell

Now I’m working on bettering my life

No longer a slave to that wretched knife

I threw away that rusty old thing

Who knew what happiness a hospital visit could bring


Grieving The Loss

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I saw the white give way to red-

The hole begin to fill

I knew - then and there- that I-

And death- were done and still

I set aside the words - and lies

And finally could breathe

When - once there - but gone so soon

I - naturally - would grieve

I saw the shine give way to rust-

Sitting there for length

But i could not force myself

To throw away my strength

So I picked up the thing again-

Against my better thoughts

I used it to combat death

But death -along- was brought

So here I am once again-

In addiction's hands

The white -now red- for permanent

You may never understand

Where Is The Love?

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I try so hard for people to love me

But they don’t love me back

Is it because of how I behave?

Or the qualities I lack?

Why would they think

It’s okay to walk away?

Is it the things I do?

Or the words I say?

I just don’t understand

Why no one will love me

Am I just not enough?

Or is it ‘cause I’m ugly?

I’m fat and disgusting

I hate myself a lot

And when I cut myself

I hope I don’t get caught

So if you get this message

I just want you to know

All I ever wanted

Was for your love to show.



No More Options Left

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Broken butterfly wings

Falling at my feet

I'm the most hopeless person

That you'll ever meet

You smile as the tears

Fall from my face

I'm your little girl,

Your biggest disgrace.

You will never love me;

Not after what i've done

Scars along my arm,

This is the person I've become

You turn your back on me

As i lay here all alone

You left me to die

And cry all on my own

I hunger for the pain

And long for my death

It won't be too long

It's my only option left.

Dying Wish

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Take these pills and overdose

Send me straight to comatose

I beg and plead to end my life

I bleed in silence from this knife

The tears run down my empty face

I’ll soon be gone without a trace

Deep into the depths of death

Scream until there’s nothing left

Leave with one final kiss

That’s my last dying wish


Everyone Goes Away

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You pull away from me

And my bleeding, open wounds...

Freshly salted by your shaky hand

If i could move, I would chase you down

And grab you by your heart

But my own is heavy like lead

Holding me down and trapping me inside

Why did you get so close

Only to chain me down and run, flee, sprint

So far that I'll never catch you

Never touch your hand

Never smell your hair ever again

Maybe I should have pushed you first...

Maybe it wouldn't have hurt this much

End Soon

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May be everything

My everything to be exact

What have I done?

This ruby red flowing…

Freely from my veins

I don't want this,

I need this

Desperate, angry, pain

I'm done with you

And this supposed everything

Will end here soon

Something That I've Missed

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Twisted metal between my fingertips

I try to hide these secrets

Behind my closed lips

Shut and lock the door

To indulge in my wish

Oh this twisted metal

Is something that I've missed