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2012 Updates


Some New Pages                                               12/8/12

Some new pages have been added recently! A new awareness page for  Eating Disorders has been added and another new page has been added as well: Selfishness VS. Selflessness

Recovery Through Poetry also has a store now! It will be under construction for a while, but I wanted to let you guys know that it exists. Give me some suggestions on the types of things to sell. :]

I was also thinking about holding some sort of contest and the winner would just pick up their prize through the store. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas, so if anyone has an idea please let me know!

World Suicide Prevention Day Was Yesterday        9/11/12

According to World Health Organization, "On average, almost 3000 people commit suicide daily. For every person who completes a suicide, 20 or more may attempt to end their lives."

Do you, or someone you know, feel suicidal? You're not the only one who has these feelings. Reach out for help from somebody you trust and together you can get through this. This website is just one of the many websites out there that is here to help with feelings of depression, loneliness, suicide, etc.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to getting help with these emotions.

1. Join communities like Recovery Through Poetry so you have somewhere to go when your emotions get too tough to deal with

2. Talk to a psychologist about your feelings

3. Talk to a psychiatrist about your feelings

4. Whenever you feel suicidal, don't stay alone with your feelings; call a friend, a coworker, a parent, anyone!  

New Features                                                         8/27/12

There are a couple new features I've added and one old feature that i've fixed on the social bar at the bottom of each page. (you know the one that appears with all the stuff like translate, visitors, etc...)

The chat feature is now fixed! you can have real time chats with other people who are online at the same time as you!!

For anyone who has a Pinterest account, there is now a Pinterest share button. It detects images on the page that you can pin to your account.

There is now a Facebook send button if you wanted to send the page you are on to someone on Facebook.

And finally there is a social network connection box. Connect to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yahoo, and Myspace to update your status, tweets, etc. all while still being on Recovery Through Poetry!!

Three More Pages Updated                                    8/18/12

More pages have been updated!

Head over to the FAQ section to see some more myths and FAQs about mental illness

And this page is currently under construction, but has been updated a little bit: Selfishness VS Selflessness

I've also added a page for The Butterfly Project

Be sure to check out these pages and remember to keep using your skills and distractions.

And with all the stress of a new school year, don't forget that we're always here for advice and support!


EDIT: for those who have been having trouble with the poetry submission form and the contact us form, I have fixed the errors!!!!!


New Ideas For the School Year                               8/8/12

I've just recently put together a book of Dialectical Behavior Therapy homework sheets together for myself for when I go off to college away from home. When I was in this therapy I found these "homeworks" very helpful. And that got me thinking: what if these homework sheets would be helpful for members of the website? Let me know if you guys would like me to post the sheets so that you can print them off and fill them out when you need the help!

Starting January of 2013, I will be posting member birthdays each month so we can wish you all a Happy Birthday. If you don't have your birthday in your info, I suggest editing your profile and adding it!!

In Memory of Anthony Savelli                                   7/29/12

In loving memory of Anthony Savelli. He left us June 11, 2012 And we are sharing his inspirational poem with everyone today:


"Stay With the Beat"

Life only comes once, so make it worth it. Do things to please other people but also do things that please you. Remember the good times but don't forget the bad ones. The bad ones are what make you stronger and move you.


Let your emotions go.


You can't get over things if you don't talk about them.

Say please and thank you and remember to hold the door. Wave when someone gives you the right to go. Wash your hands, please.

Brush your teeth. Smile big. One smile can turn the day around. Be optimistic. Positive thoughts equal positive feelings.

Be hopeful and have faith. Love your family with all you got. They will be your supporters for the rest of your life. Remember the memories you have had with them. Scrapbooks are a good thing.

Drink milk.

Milk makes strong bones. Eat your veggies and exercise. Stay in shape and have good health.


If you can dream it, you can become it. Sleep a lot, sleep makes you feel better.


Find someone who makes you happy and never let them be sad. Love is one of the greatest things in life.

Tell the truth but don't trust. Anyone can stab you in the back. Keep a lot of friends, enemies aren't worth it. Don't snitch, snitches get hit. Don't worry about what others think of you.

Reputation if for time and character is for eternity. Impossible is nothing and any thing is everything. When you fall get right back up. Don't let others see your pain. Don't forget about the ones you have lost, pray for them everyday. Pray for the soldiers and go to church.

Right can go wrong, but wrong can also go right. Don't let it trick you.

We can all just get along, if we try, don't hate.

Life is like a maze, you just have to find your way through.

 R.I.P Anthony Savelli, you will be dearly missed.


Recovery Through Poetry Has a Tumblr!                      6/14/12

I've made an official tumblr for the website with inspirational pictures and messages. Check it out, follow it, and spread the word about this site! Official Tumblr

The Interpersonal Effectiveness page has been updated, so check it out for helpful ways to deal with your relationships effectively. Interpersonal Effectiveness

The Member Spotlight is still open for suggestions. Let me know what you think of this idea!

Happy Spring                                                                 5/20/12

Happy spring everyone!I'm thinking of having a member spotlight or something of the sorts for every month, do you think this is a good idea? I'm not entirely sure if it is or not. Please post your answers in the forum under the title "Member Spotlight"

There is new poetry submitted on the member poetry page! Member Poetry


Keep talking in the forums and keep your heads up!

"Start every day off with a smile. At least it's a good start."



Advice Given                                                                          4/12/12

The advice column has been updated with a response to the most recent advice request!! Be sure to check it out if you were the anonymous one who sent it in or even if you weren't!

Also, my internet issues have been resolved and hopefully they won't happen again in the future so I can keep up with updates!! I realize it's been about two months between updates and I would like to apologize for this!

Be strong everyone!


Internet Connection Problems                                   2/13/12

Recently my internet has not been working (I'm actually online here at school right now) and so I haven't been able to work on the site. This is the first time I've been able to edit the site instead of just quickly posting on the forums.

Thank you all for your patience with this brand new site. I'm so glad you are all members! And hopefully soon, many more members will join! ^_^

No one has submitted any advice for the advice column which means that it's my turn to give out advice. That'll be coming rather shortly here; hopefully my internet issues will be resolved by then and I can update as soon as possible.

"There's always a reason to feel not good enough. The brave thing to do is to remember why you are"

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